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What does my dental insurance cover?

Our practice recognizes the value of insurance benefits and will happily work with you to ensure you receive the maximum insurance benefit possible. This includes processing insurance claims for insurance providers outside of network, while providing you with an estimate of your deductible and co-payment prior to initiating any procedure.

Dental insurance provides varying degrees of coverage depending on the network and procedure, and as such we ensure patients have transparency into their fees and payment schedules prior to initiating any treatment. Once treatment is agreed upon, the deductible and co-payment (the portion the insurance does not cover) are due at the time services are rendered. For multi- visit procedures (crowns, dentures, implants), your co-payment, which is usually half of the total fee, is expected at the start of the procedure. Cosmetic dentistry such as veneers and whitening treatments are usually not covered by insurance.

Shaw Family Smiles believes that insurance should never dictate the quality or timing of your treatment. In line with our family approach, we promise to collaborate with patients to address any concerns about financing treatment, particularly extensive or long term dental care, in order to find a solution that ensures patient health.

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